Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Amber (Perfume Thoughts: Prada leau Ambree)

I am in the process of cataloging my scents and I am finding a lot of "neglected"  ones. As I use them, I of course wonder why i don't use them more.  Prada L'eau Ambree is one I think I have used once, twice tops since I got it. I was hesitant to spray today because it is a hot dry day, and when I saw the amber in here, I thought, gee will the harsh ambergis annoy me? But I know Prada scents are on the light side, so I sprayed anyway. This is perfect for a summer day, akin to the house's Infusion d'Iris. Actually, should have called this Infusion d'Ambre, because probably this gets lost in their regular collection (I myself cannot get them straight) Daniela Andrier has crafted a light take on the amber - it's there, but the light florals take center stage. It is very close to Prada Amber Homme (which I wore a lot when it first came out) without the men's soapy/lavander vibe. The florals here give the scent softness, with the amber edging it out. This is an elegant scent, perfect for office, as it  stays very close to the skin, and has almost no sillage. I found myself tugging at my shirt so I could smell it. Even non-amber lovers will appreciate this.

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