Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I'm Confessin That I Love You (Television Thoughts: Younger S01 E11, Hot Mitzvah)

Well, with one episode to go, I guess some revelations have to happen - it's been a slow burn in that department - and you have to thank Molly for that. No, not Molly Shannon, though I could really see her in a role in this show. Liza took "Molly" (MDMA) and in a fit of honesty, confessed to Josh that she is really a 40 year old housewife from New Jersey. This after a very sweet moment when Josh, also high, says "I Love You" to Liza. Is Molly really a truth serum that forces these characters to be honest with each other? I don't know if I like the pacing of this particular story line. I can imagine Liza carrying over her secret to the second season. I mean, the show hasn't really explored that fully, in my opinion. (i never read the book so I don't know what happens next) Josh, at the end of this episode leaves the party dejected and forlorn, so I guess we will see that development next week, at the season finale. I wonder if the secret will spill over to Empirical. My only other big thought on this episode (and this series, actually) is how Hillary Duff's role has been thankless - that was it for her? She had an affair, and after a mutual confession with her boyfriend, everything is fine? Hmmm, Hillary, you got the short end of the stick.

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  1. Did you see the finale yet? Can't wait to hear your thoughts.
    Hot Mitzvah was a pretty funny episode. I love that Liza confessed about her age.
    The whole Molly thing made me think of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" where someone asks her if she likes Molly and she goes "she's my favorite American Girl doll!" :)