Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Tonys Thoughts

Well, another year, another Tony Awards. This season was a pretty good one, with some real good theater, and there were a couple of tough tight fights in some major categories. My thoughts on this year's Tony's:

1. As hosts, Kristin Chenowith and Alan Cumming did a good job. They were zany and wacky most of the time, and I just wish there was an equal balance of elegant and class. But, they kept the show going at a great speed, and I felt bad for Kristin losing. I was rooting for her anyway, but to see her work her ass of and come home empty handed was heartbreaking. But Kelli deserved it, too, and yeah that whole she finally won a Tony thing.

2. I had no real horse between Fun Home vs An American in Paris thing. Though I am slightly for the latter. Fun Home is deeper work, but I found the score a little less tuneful. I would have voted for Kander & Ebb myself. 

3. The numbers from the musicals were all good: I thought "A Musical" from Something Rotten was a good opener, and the medley from "the King & I" touching. But the standout number for me was "On The Town," where you saw the real breadth and scope of the production. Out of context, the numbers from "On The Twentieth Century," and "The Visit" were just good. The "Fun Home" number was touching and brave: middle america needed to see that. 

4. The "In Memoriam" number was hyped but fell short, in my opinion. I would have wanted real Broadway singers (the house was full of them) Instead we get Josh Groban, who while competent, was just there to promote his new album.

But I may bitch and moan, still I look forward and enjoy teh Tonys every year.

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