Monday, December 26, 2011

The Ick Factor

Since I don't really read thrillers, I have never read any of James Patterson's books, but I do know that he has a very devout following. So, I thought, he is probably a good storyteller, since his novels are commercially successful. After reading "The Christmas Wedding," though, I have to wonder. The only reason I finished this is because it was Christmas Eve and I wanted to read a Holiday themed book. It's really awful. I don't know how many times I wanted to throw my Kindle in exasperation. The story? Basically, a woman gets three proposals and wants to get married on Christmas Day, but she will reveal only on that day who among three guys she will marry. That has got to be one fo the stupidest plots I have ever encountered, like a cross between a bad reality show setup and a inane ripoff of the Mamma Mia movie plot. I cannot in all integrity suspend my disbelief for it. And then - and I don't care if I spoil the ending - she chooses her late husband's brother as the groom, and ait was so icky it made my skin crawl. I wanted to delete the book from my Kindle as soon as I read it. A total waste of time, and thank God I had a very wonderful Christmas that was unruinable. 


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