Friday, December 23, 2011

Over The Weekend

Andrew Haigh's "Weekend" is a small film with a big heart. Set in London, it is a story of two gay men who meet, fall in love, and learn about themselves over a course of a weekend. I wish, truly, that the movie could have been described by that sentence, but it is more than that. It is an exploration of feelings, a celebration of opposites attracting, an exercise in romantic melancholy.  The movie is set up as if we were eavesdropping on these two people who meet at a bar, "hook up," and then....what? The characters never knew what they were getting into, but you felt that once they were in, felt they were connected forever. Intimacy is a dangerous thing, for it leads to a whole slew of situations, even that L word. The beauty of the movie is that whatever it is, isn't spelled out. Like the complexity of human spirit, we interpret, we project, we see what our eyes want to see. I could have gone away with some of drug use, and I felt like I missed soem things because at time the sound was inaudible but there's no mistaking that this movie broke my heart. Fine art does that to me. 

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