Monday, December 5, 2011

Classic Ordinary

Because I didn't much like Joe McElderry's last album, Classic (as reviewed here), I wasn't expecting much from the follow-up album, "Classic Christmas." But it's a solid Christmas album. It isn't very inventive or original, but it will serve its purpose: satisfy his fans, and it will sell well enough that it should satisfy his label as well.  For me, the whole thing seems perfunctory: it was made as a comercial product, manufacturing something and putting a red bow on it. It will play at the shopping malls while people buy commercial gifts, and it will offend anyone. I have played it twice now and, honestly, don't remember much about it. It didn't produce a negative reaction from me, so I guess that's a good thing. But it also did not excite me either. So...what to make of this? I don't know, but he sings these songs competently and is in tune, so that may be more than what other singers offer. I appreciate his version of "Driving Home For Christmas," because that song isn't as played here in the States, but the least he could personalize "Last Christmas" a little beat instead of aping George Michael. But besides that, I really cannot think of anything else to say. Oh, I do, atcually: he is very handsome on the cover picture, thoguh the snow on his lapel makes him look like he has dandruff. 

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