Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Only Love

Of course, when I love something, it usually disappears. "P.S. I Love You" was my favorite scent family at Bath And Body Works. In the plethora of family scents there, this, for me, was the most "grown-up." It's a rose scent, a jammy rose that isn't as sweet as there other sugary stuff there. It's maturity was because it had a hint of musk there, and at the dry down, the sandalwood/ambery base had cocoa, which made this sound a little bit dirty. It isn't the most imaginative rose scent out there, but for the reachable price points of BBW, it was more than worth the money. But then, maybe that is why this scent was discontinued way too quickly, BBW has a younger mass clientele and I am sure some of these young ladies scoffed and said "Grandma" when they smell the rose. Well, you all go back to your coconuts and vanillas, and all those sweet diabetic-inducing fruits. I will just let a sigh for one of my only loves at BBW. 

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