Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Just Another New Year's Eve

Okay, so this movie is really the cheese of all cheese it makes Velveeta look classy. But I am a sucker. A softy hopeless sucker that I stil found myself crying at its cheesy ending.  I know what it is - it's the romantic in me, who still believes that everyone deserves and will get happy endings (in the traditional, wholesome sense) and I don't think I need to tell you everyone here does. Is it too wrong to be hopeful, especially on New Year's Eve, where everyone is in the cusp of new hopes, new dreams, new beginnings? This movie has a great cast, but they are directed like they are in an overblown sitcom. Some go along with it (Sofia Vergera can always be counted on) but others (Hillary Swank, and Sarah Jessica Parker) take it too seriously, pretending they are in a movie with weight. And why cast Michele Pfeiffer and then stick her in a comely brown wig? Everyone looks like they filmed their scenes in half a day shoots, but that's me being a critic. I am not, I juts enjoy human emotions laid before me, and Zac Efron sparkles as a messenger boy who fulfills a woman's bucket list. More and more, and with ever movie, he is proving to be a versatile actor. Josh Duhamel, too is fine balancing a thankless nothing role into something you can feel. And Lea Michele, for whatever humorless side she has, has undoubtedly one of the best singing voices nowadays, and she delivers a wistful, beautiful "Auld Lang Syne" here that would make any eye tear up. So yes, this movie may be the ultimate guilty pleasure for me, but it's New Year's Eve, and I will take all the pleasure I can get. 

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