Saturday, November 10, 2012

Love Turned Gay (Book Review: Tips On Having A Gay (Ex) Boyfriend, Carrie Jones)

I had feared that "Tips On Having An Gay (Ex) Boyfriend" was one of those books where the title was more interesting than the book. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find a sensitively written book. The plot could certainly be a recipe for disaster: a high school student gets dumped by her boyfriend, after he confesses he is gay. She is taken aback, but you found out later on that the clues were all there in front of her, but perhaps she loves him too much she got blinded. Carrie Jones handles the delicate subject with a soft and firm hand - you understand both character's plight. I wish the homophobia angle of the situation was dealt a little more: it would be helpful for the young adult audience of the book, but ultimately it would be unfair to make that the book's agenda. This is a romantic story, with a positive gay undertone, and that's just fine. I found out that this book is a beginning of a series, and I wonder now if the ex-boyfriend remains a character in her life.


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