Thursday, November 22, 2012

Soul Sisters (Movie Review: Your Sister's Sister)

I love films about character studies. Isn't it weird that sometimes you watch a movie, and even if a gorgeous story unfolds, there are times when you feel like you never got to know the characters? On the other hand, there are movies wherein even if nothing much happens, you leave the theater feeling like you just met new life long friends. "Your Sister's Sister" is one of those movies. Written and directed by Lynn Shelton, this is a wonderful small film. Mark Duplass plays Jack, who is a man who has lost his brother. He is still depressed, so his best friend, Iris, commands him to spend a weekend at her family's summer house. He gets there and finds Iris' other sister, Hannah there, smiting after a breakup with her girlfriend. A simple enough premise, but things get complicated after Iris follows there. A happy reunion? Yes, but maybe not. This is a movie about nuances, with great subtle acting by all three (DeWitt is my favorite) The last eighth of the movie goes the predictable route, but you forgive because these all are three dimensional characters you learn to care about. And it has a doozy of an ending.

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