Thursday, November 8, 2012

Summery Chistmas (Music Review: Colbie Caillat, Christmas In The Sand)

I dragged my feet listening to this album because, frankly, though I have heard some of her songs, I really have no idea who Colbie Caillat is. I think I like her one song "Lucky," (if it's the same one I am thinking of) but otherwise I cannot say I have paid any more attention to her. But as soon as I played "Christmas In The Sand," her new Christmas album, I realized that this was a different kind of holiday album. She says in press notes that she wanted to do a Christmas album meant to play for the beach, and yes, I think she captured that feeling and mood. This isn't an album with lush arrangements meant to be listened to while snow is falling. This is a beach Christmas album, and the title track, "Christmas In The Sand" is warm, infectious, and a great *POP* Christmas tune. We do not get a lot of those, and this one is a doozy. Born and raised in Southern California, Caillat gives us a sunny, breezy Christmas album. Her duets are fun, "Merry Christmas Baby," with Brad Paisley is a rockin' opener, and there's a different kind of lilt in her "Baby It's Cold Outside," with Gavin DeYoung that gives the song a tropical wind vibe. Colbie Caillat gives us a Christmas album that's fun, different, and summery - gotta give her credit for thinking outside the box.

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