Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reba's Country (Television Review: Malibu Country (ABC Fridays)

I was more than ready to ignore "Malibu Country," Reba McIntyre's new sitcom (Friday nights on ABC) when I found out the great Lily Tomlin was in it. So I told myself I should at least watch the pilot. I am not Reba's biggest fan, as she is a conservative Republican whose "values" I do not agree with (She is against marriage equality, for example) so I am not going to pretend and say that I am not biased. And after I saw the premiere episode, I can't say she swayed me to her corner. The first thing I thought of, actually, was: why is Lily Tomlin playing second fiddle to this woman? This sitcom isn't reinventing the wheel, but I don't think it set to do that anyway. It's a family "fish out of water" premise, and it's been done a lot o ftimes before, and better. But this isn't bad - it's ordinary, and comforting. It's well-scheduled on a Friday night - most viewers, after a long work week, aren't looking for something complicated and this fits the bill. I just wish it moved me. I may watch it for Lily, but I won't be rushing home.

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