Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Her Name Is Not Susan (Music Review: Susan Boyle, Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage)

So sue me, I kind of like Susan Boyle's voice, and her records. I like that in her past albums, there is always something pleasantly unexpected: a cover of Depeche Mode or a Stones song, something you never thought she would cover but brilliantly does. On her new album, "Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage," she still sounds divine - there is always such a vulnerability in her voice that slays me. I can' help it. But the song selection here is so uninspired - it's as if they had a quest to choose some of the most overplayed songs ever to hit the stage. Name a cliche, it's here: "Over The Rainbow," "The Winner Takes It All," "Memory."  You know how you look at a track listing and you know exactly how the album will sound even before hearing a single note? That's how I felt here. I mean, I wasn't expecting a cut from "Coco," but a little unique variety would have been nice. She literally chose some of my most-unfavorite songs of all time. Someone on Facebook asked me if there were any "highlights," and the closest I could think of is her duet with Donny Osmond in "All I Ask Of You," a song I can tolerate. But then again, it brought back memories of when I saw her on stage with him (singing another song) and she seemed wooden and almost mentally-challenged. I hate to say this, but this album is a misfire for me.

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