Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fame Is Overrated (Scent Review: Fame, Lady Gaga)

I know it's been out there for a long time now, but believe it or not, I just sniffed Fame, Lady Gaga's scent, today while at Sephora. I liberally sprayed on my left arm, and waited for the magic to happen. The Lady herself said in very early interviews that her perfume would smell like blood and semen (though that's been done before, via Etat Libre d'Orange's Secretions Magnifique)  When the perfume was launched, though, she changed that and said that the perfume would smell like an expensive hooker. Well, if only. All the hookers I know have good taste, and I would venture to say that none of them would proudly wear this fragrance. Just like her music, Fame is a derivative. It smells like a cheap knockoff of a drug store scent, not even in the same league as something in a department store. It smells so plain, a generic fruity floral. It smells faintly of generic fruit. The notes say apricot, but I smell powdered Kool-Aid. There is a cheap vanilla base that smells very fake. To say that I am disappointed would be incorrect. This is much worse that I feared it would be. I can think of a dozen celebuscents that are better than this: Halle Berry's and Hillary Duff's come to mind. And there are even a handful of very good ones, like Madonna's and Queen Latifah's. Why Lady Gaga would attach her name with something so uninspired I will never understand. This is as bad as they get, folks. Lady Gaga, the singer, is an attention whore, yet this perfume is a wallflower - it barely registers. It has medium sillage and longevity. I know they spent a lot of money developing this perfume's black jus that sprays clear. They should have spent just a little more to better the more important part of the perfume: the smell.  

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