Friday, November 23, 2012

Parisian Violet Mist (Scent Review: Balenciaga Paris)

I will always associate Balenciaga Paris, the scent, with Kanye West. Why, you ask? I had my first encounter with the perfume at the Balenciaga Store in Chelsea, and that day, Kanye West was holding fort at the store. He had a big entourage, and he had his then-girlfriend traipsing around in Nicholas Ghesquiere's creations. He was making her try on piece after piece. I spritzed the jus on my skin, and didn't think twice about it. I thought it was nice, but my initial impression was that it was meh. But I remember walking home, and it started to mist, and suddenly the scent suddenly blossomed in the wet air. The delicate violet notes started to soar, and it was all I could do to go back and get a full bottle. I didn't, though, and largely forgot about the perfume until this year when I finally got a discounted bottle. Perfumer Oliver Polge does for the violet note here what the iris note for Dior Homme. We get a misting of it - this is a transparent and watery violet (but not aquatic) that is like a scent veil - it envelopes you elegantly, and never takes the attention from you. It's a very subtle scent, and the drydown is beautiful, but stark. It is also very earthy. There is a white musk here that brings down the violet - it is kind of like a trail. You sense it, but do not really smell it most of the time. Balenciaga Paris is a scent I would recommend for a specific type - someone who is very well aware of a streamlines style, somewhat conservative but not stodgy. It is not a casual scent at all - you feel "dressed up" when you wear it so you would be inclined to wear it when you have something a little ore special on. I don't think it would match a jeans and t-shirt aesthetic, but I also think it would feel right at home with a ball gown. I think it's a very modern interpretation of Paris, very different from Sophia Grosjman's classic Paris for YSL. It's beautiful, and I think will stand the test of time.

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