Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Adorkable Doctor (Television Review: Emily Owens, M.D.)

I guess with CW's success with Hart Of Dixie (A show which I like a lot) they just had to find ways to replicate the formula, so they came up with Emily Owens MD. Mamie Gummer (she should really change her screen name) plays a young doctor in a Denver Hospital.As most young doctors are, she is unsure about hat to do at the hospital, and she realizes that it is "just like High School," with meanies and bullies. And crushes, too of course. Emily Owens is adorkable. Her character - and the way Gummer plays her - sort of reminds me of the Jess character in "New Girl" (a show I stopped watching because that character just annoyed me) Adorkable works, I know, but Gummer is a good actress not to go for the overkill. Two episodes in,  there's a part of me that's ready to give up with this: the meanies are two-dimensional, and the story lines are generic. I wonder, though, if the show will move into a more soap-y direction, just like it did with Hart Of Dixie. I am sure the love angles here would be developed. Emily pines for Will Rider (Justin Hartley) aka the bad guy, though Will has told her he doesn't like her that way. There's another guy - the good guy - Micah (Michael Rady) who we know likes her, but Emily doesn't recognize that yet. I know that situation is a big set up for multitude of things, and I know Gummer is a good enough actress to run away with that storyline. This makes the whole show a bit predictable, if sweet and familiar. I decided I will not give up. I had the same dilemma with Hart of Dixie last year, but I got patient and it paid off. 

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