Friday, November 9, 2012

Luck Of The Iris (Scent Review: Iris Nobile, Acqua Di Parma)

Why do people always take the Acqua Di Parma line for granted? I guess because while they are interestingly packaged, they give off a staid vibe (not unlike Creed, for example) but I actually do like their "Nobile" line, though I only have one: the Iris Nobile EDP. (I know the picture on the left is of the EDT) I have been meaning to get the Colonia, but I am not really a big cologne fan - I want my scents to linger on me for a long time. And Iris Nobile, does. I spritzed some this morning, and now, almost ten hours later, the dry down is still there. Iris Nobile is a chypre, and I know most peopel don't appreciate those as much as they used to, but Iris Nobile is modern enough. It starts with a citrus vibe (a melange of oranges: mandarine, bergamot) then it veers to a white flower concoction: ylang ylang, tuberose, and a clean iris. This is not the rooty kind - think Dior Homme - but it's creamy, buttery, real pretty. This white floral bouquet is what would turn some people away. When I started appreciating scents, I used to be turned off by it as well, but now I cannot get enough of these heady notes. It was cold today, and the middle notes stayed with me and I felt really good wearing this. It smelled elegant, and the materials used were certainly expensive-smelling. You know how you can't sometimes describe a scent as luxurious? I think Iris Nobile smells luxurious - someone who wears this has taken time to appreciate perfume. It isn't the most innovative thing, perhaps, but it is certainly well-crafted. I do admit I sometimes forget to wear this. But I have vowed to put it on my front row selection.

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