Sunday, November 4, 2012

Slippery Rock (Book Review: Paper Covers Rock, Jenny Hubbard)

It is hard to describe "Paper Covers Rock." It's a novel in the form of a journal. I kind of imagine it more as if written on a moleskin notebook. The sequences are artfully done not in sequential order, and there are a of poetry (Some of which are brilliant) Told in the voice of a young male boarding school student in an all boy's school, it is very convincing. It is also very contemplative and melancholy, and is always very deep. This young man is an old soul. He and his friends were drinking by the river and one of them dies from a freak accident - or was it? A teacher, a young female who just graduated from college before teaching there may or may not know more about the said incident, and they are all left to grapple with the choices they make after. I was engrossed by the book - it seemed like an easy read, but I found it to have a lot of depth, and definitely would make you think. 


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