Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Sometime Parisienne (Book Review: Paris In Love, Eloisa James)

There are a lot of people who are just madly in love with the city of Paris. My sister is one of them. She goes there at least once a year. Whenever she travels in Europe, she makes it a point to stop there, even for a day. I have written this numerous times: I do not get along with the city, but I am certainly not immune to its charms. Eloisa James had a cancer scare, and when she got her doctor's clean bill of health, she decided to uproot her family, selling her New Jersey suburban home, and live in Paris for a year. And it sounds like such a wonderful idea, and is the premise foe the book "Paris In Love." The book is a collection of short essays, and Facebook status updates of her year there. It is written kind of like a memoir, and it certainly is very personal. You know how you friend someone in Facebook and then inspect their page, looking at their past status updates? This felt exactly like that, and even though a lot of it is very personal, there was something detached in it. I wanted to like this more, but there was something missing somewhere for me to fully appreciate it. But, I felt like I got to know her family. When they finally left Paris to go back to live in New York City, I felt wistful. 


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