Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Whipping Leather

Leather scents. Yes, I love them and can't get enough of them. They just seem so unique, and beautiful. And even if these leather notes gets mixed with floral notes, they always smell very...stately and, for lack of a better word, manly (which is very different from 'masculine,' of course) Serge Lutens' Cuir Mauresque is one of my favorite leather fragrance, and I would choose it over his other popular leather, Daim Blond. Cuir Mauresque 's very top note is a weird, and strong one: it conjures those leather with just a hint of dirt, and plastic. It is so hard to describe, and as I am writing this, hundreds of different descriptions come to mind: oud, amber, spice, butter. It's not shy, but it tempers itself almost instantly, and the leather comes up front and center. There are tons of spice in the background, and the amber on one side gives it a sweet edge, with cumin on the other side preventing it from being syrupy. As with all of Serge's scents, there's stewed fruit there somewhere, and darn it if I could identify it (madarin peel? orange blossom?)  I think Cuir Mauresque is one of the sexiest scents ever, as there is enough earth in it that comes off as alluring. Just a couple minutes ago, our secretary came up to me and said "you smell so good, it's so different..." I can imagine myself in a library inside a mansion, sitting on those supple leather couches, reading a hard-bound book, with spice around me. That's Cuir Mauresque for me, and that image makes me happy.

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