Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Just Want My Time Back

This book, "I Just Want My Pants Back," can be filed under Dick-Lit. Single White Male, fresh graduate from Cornell, sowing his oats in New York City.  I have read this story a hundred times before, the only difference is that the central character has always been female. I liked the "gimmick" of the premise, where the young man has a one-night stand who steals his favorite chinos, and he sets on a quest to get them back. However, the book wasn't really about that. I would have liked it more if the novel had a focus. As such, it was a semi-interesting diary of a young man looking for himself. I even think that description may be a little too heavy for what it was.  I even question the point of it all, as the character is the seems to be the same person as he was in the beginning of the novel. Then I find out that this book has been bought by MTV to be essayes into a weekly sitcom. It makes more sense that the whole book is a set up for something. Maybe now the something somewhere here would finally make sense.


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