Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Bieber Mistletoe (Music Thoughts: Justin Bieber, Under The Misteltoe)

I have too much on my mind to be a Justin Bieber hater. Besides, I saw "never Say Never" on Blu-Ray and was kind of impressed with the kid. I didn't think of it a second after I saw it, but I am not going to deny its existence either. I kind of think of him as the tween's combo of Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson. That mop of a hair has a lot of personality, and he is certainly working that little white boy soul and it obviously works for a lot of little girls because he has a lot of fans. Musically, I guess his music is closer to Michael's, and there's a variety of genres touched here, all under an umbrella of soul. There's the reggae tinged "Mistletoe," which is the single that anchors this album. I liked the originals, like "The Only Thing I Get For Christmas," and it should only get better to listen to when the weather gets colder for me, and I see more tinsels around.  He doesn't skimp on duets too, with Usher adding extra cuteness in "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," and Busta Rhymes brings the crazy in hip hop as the Drummer Boy. The high-profile duet with Mariah Carey fizzles, with Mariah sounding like she is phoning in her vocals (zilch chemistry there)  Yes, Justin's voice is a lot deeper (his publicist said "his balls dropped") and there's a certain "maturity" in the music, if your definition of maturity is graduating from Middle School. All in all, the whole thing is harmless, if a little on the corner of bland.

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