Sunday, November 20, 2011

Escape From New York

I cannot remember why I put "Suborgatory" on my DVR at the start of the Fall Season but there it was, and when I watched the pilot, I found it just okay. Six episodes in, though, and I can't imagine my DVR list without it. Set as another one fo those "fish-out-water" setups, it initially sounded very familiar. A father (Jeremy Sisto) and her daughter (Jane Levy) moves to the suburbs from Manhattan, and this opens up a wide net of hilarious possibilities. I thought the set up was kind of trite and I really wasn't too impressed with the pilot. Sisto and Levy didn't seem too comfortable with each other, and it was difficult for me to believe. But after a couple of episodes, they got their groove, and now six episodes in,  I am hooked. And this is because of the great ensemble acting, led my Sisto and Levy. Levy, in particular has found a right balance between snark and sweet, and shows a whole lot of vulnerability, making her character more and more likable by the week. But the dual punch of Cheryl Hines and Ana Gasteyer give the series its true edge, with them playing to straight man Sisto. Give them more to do, please !

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