Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey Mr DJ Put A Record On

Sometimes you just need a cute wholesome love story to brighten up your day. "Love Is In The Title," by RJ Scott did that for me today. It's about Luke, a High School Math nerd, who has a crush on Cameron, who is the Captain of the football team. Luke work at a diner where Cameron and the football team goes every Friday, and the diner plays a radio station where people do song requests, and what do you know, Luke puts in a song request for Cameron anonymously based on what is happening with Cameron that particular week. Awww shucks, isn't that adorable? The cynical me was rolling my eyes at the beginning of the story, but I told myself let go and enjoy it, and I did. It's mindless, and obviously a fantasy, but ultimately it's harmless. I am always a sucker for cute romantic comedies, and this one fit the bill.

BC - 43

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