Friday, November 25, 2011

Where Love Has Gone

There is a scene in "Like Crazy" that stays with me, until now. It is not a big scene, there are no gunshots, no explosions, it is just between Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Anna (Felicity Jones) and they are inside the London underground subway just looking at each other, and in the middle of the scene, they just smile. It's such a small, simple but powerful moment, and then I thought to myself - that scene defines Love. But the again, small moments define a relationship, and in this movie, there is no meet cute, they just meet. And they look at each other and then they fall in love. You've seen it, you've been there. This is one of the most touching movies I have seen this year. It'a a feel good "Blue Valentine," an updated "Before Sunrise." What makes it good is the undeniable chemistry between Yelchin and Jones. What makes it great is how fearless their acting is. Apparently most scenes were done as improve stemming from only an outline that the Director, Drake Doremus gives them. It's powerful how heartbreak, longing, confusion can be achieved just from a reaction from a text message. When Anna's character bypasses her student visa and overstays to be with him, there's a part of you who is furious at her, but at the same time you understand.  That's what love is: it's complex, it slays you, it invigorates you, it exhausts you. This film will do that to you, too, but only because you'll want it to. 

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