Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Frat Boy (Book Review: Rob Delaney, Mother.Wife.Sister.Human.Warrior.Falcon.Yardstick,Turban.Cabbage)

I follow all sorts of people on Twitter, although, admittedly I only go there sporadically. I don't know how I ended up following Rob Delaney, but I guess I found him somewhere and followed. I know he tweets incessantly, and I may have chuckled from a tweet of his since I still follow him. Cut to now, when apparently he has written a book, titled "Mother.Wife.Sister.Human.Warrior.Falcon.Yardstick.Turban.Cabbage" and I have read that this season it has beat Sarah Palin's in sales. So, I thought, there is something good here. I read the book in a sitting, and it's instantly forgettable, bot unpleasant. I am just not its target market. The book is just a collection of essays from Mr. Delaney's young life, and it's pretty ordinary, a series of frat boy experiences as a young man finding himself in modern day America. I hope and think Mr. Delaney will have more success, and hopefully his experience will be deeper.

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