Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Truth At Seventeen (Book Review: My Own Miraculous, Joshilyn Jackson)

A doctor friend of mine once told me that young mothers make intelligent babies. Apparently it has something to do abut their recessive genes not showing up yet that gives these offsprings the best possible gene pool. That was on my mind while I was reading Joshilyn Jackson's "My Own Miraculous." Shandi, at seventeen, has a baby, and four years later she is realizing that there is something different about her child, Natty. He can read, and can figure out difficult puzzles quickly. And something about that scares her - she just wants her child to have a normal childhood, and this - however good this thing might be - may be big enough to not give her kid the normalcy she wants. Enter Hilde, a fifteen year old who recognizes her own miracle in Natty and she goes overboard in trying to "recruit" him. It is then that Shandie turns from a woman to a mother, by making sure she protects her son. This is a prequel to a novel, "Someone Else's Love Story," and Jackson whets your appetite. I cannot wait to see the big heart and minds of these characters fully.

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