Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gardenias In The Rain (Perfume Review: Annick Goutal, Un Matin d'Orage)

Annick Goutal was my very first niche line, and this was even before I knew what "niche" meant.  I remember seeing the line at Bonwit Teller, and loving Eau d'Hadrien then, and this factoid is maikng me date myself, of course. I don't know why, in my mind, I think of this line as "old-fashioned." Perhaps it's the bottle? They have redesigned their bottle recently and the line is enjoying new popularity lately. As a matter of fact, I recently read that they will be opening a dedicated store in the Village soon. My sister got for me Un Matin d'Orage just recently, and I realize that Annick Goutal is a solid line. Un Matin d'Orage has a great gardenia note. It's white floral at its prettiest: flowery, with just a hint of indolic note to make it smell "real."  The gardenia is edged out by magnolias, making the floral notes smell like a bouquet. But what makes this gardenia so special? It is framed by a dewy, watery element that is almost always present in all Annick Goutal perfumes. Isabelle Doyen, the house perfumer for Goutal, sprinkles all her creations with this dewy, watery note. It is kind of a wet musk, slightly vegetal especially in the floral creations. It's like gold musk here, and it makes the gardenias smell like they have just been picked from the wet rained on soil. It's beautiful, and gives the gardenia an edge. Un Matin d'Orage is a beautiful scent that whispers. It is elegant, not loud. It is kind of a wallflower, but the type that blooms when brought to the dance floor. Mostly it stays close tot he skin, but ever present to the wearer.

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