Monday, December 2, 2013

One More Time (Book Review: One More Little Problem, Zelah Green)

I liked the first Zelah Green book, so I was looking forward to Vanessa Curtis' second book about her, "One More Little Problem." When we last left her, she had gone back home from Forest Hills, a hospital/rehab center where she was placed because of her OCD. The action now picks up straight away, and we see her dealing, unsuccessfully, with her disease. And then we get complications: Caro, her cutter friend from the center goes to live with her. Plus, Zelah has joined social network (a MySpace-ish kind of site) and she is getting hits. All these are just too much for her to bare, and her OCD is getting worse. Curtis nails Zelah's mind perfectly, but just like the first book, this ends almost abruptly, with the resolution feeling tacked on.

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