Saturday, December 14, 2013

Annie-mate Your Holidays (Music Review: Annie Lennox, A Christmas Cornucopia)

Note:  This is a review I wrote in 2010.  In a perfect world, I would want to consolidate all my reviews here, but I know it's impossible, so I am going to try and post hem here sporadically. Here is the first one:

One of the most puzzling things in the world is why Annie Lennox was dropped by her label, Arista. I think she is one of those artists who have never made a bad record. All her solo albums have been emotional journeys for me. But she is back, now on Decca, and has released a Christmas album. It is nothing short of a Holiday miracle. 

It is not your traditional Christmas album, though. You won't be imagining sleigh rides nor won't be seeing your momma kissing Santa while listening to these Christmas songs. Most of these are ancient chorale numbers, and indeed she recorded these with a South African choir. (Proceeds of the record will benefit women and children living with AIDS in Africa)  Imagine yourself in those atmospheric Protest churches, and add to that a dash of modern arrangements, and you will get the vibe of this album.  The songs aren't secular, but it doesn't matter, cause the message is the same. The great thing about Annie's voice is that it's so flexible - it is ancient, it is modern, it's always arresting.  

Review Originally Written 11/22/2010

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