Monday, December 2, 2013

Volo Natale (Music Review: Il Volo, Buon Natale The Christmas Album)

I only got caught in who Il Volo was because they were guests at Barbra Stresianf's last concert. They are a younger version of Il Divo, I guess, who in turn is a younger version of The Three Tenors.  (I heard a runour that Barbra wasn't too happy with Il Divo who were her guests at her last tour so she choose Il Volo when she resumed it) As you can see, these are teenagers, with big tenor voices. And, yes, they are very handsome in a Tom Daley/Zac Efron vibe) But I promise, that wasn't a factor when I say I enjoyed this album a lot. Sure, it isn't really too unique, but for what it is - a Holiday album to play as you celebrate the season - it serves its purpose quite well.  It's pretty standard Holiday fare - White Christmas, I'll be Home For Christmas, O Holy Night. But you can still feel the enthusiasm these young men feel with how they connect with the material so the all over effect is pretty joyous. Surely they excel better with the more classical choices like Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus. When they sing Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree, for example, it omes close to slumming. But even that is harmless. This album put a smile on my face.

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