Saturday, July 5, 2014

Loving You Is Not A Choice (Book Review: Loving Jay, Renae Kaye)

"Loving Jay," by Renae Kaye is one of the cutest reads I have experienced in a long time. I more of ten than not tire of these M/M fiction that reads more pulp, but in this story Ms. Kaye has struck the right balance of funny and romantic without it being too high fructose corn syrup. And in the world of men's fiction, it has a unique hook: a mostly straight-acting man falling for a gay man who is femme-y but still a man. In a lot of these stories, you can see a lot of testosterone flying so it was refreshing to see a character that is just a little girly because, well, aren't a lot of gays like that? Self-loathing homosexuals need not btoher reading this. But if you are comfortable with who you are, you will find the character of Jay/James funny, and utterly adorable. Plus, it was great to see a purely love story, without any agenda or politics mixed in. I totally recommend this book - it will make you feel like you are falling in love!

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