Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Move Your Body (Perfume Review: Burberry Body)

I have a plethora of perfumes, and  some really exotic and complicated, but it never fails that when I wear the commercial ones, that is when I get the most compliments. There's the contrarian in me, of course, who hates popular choices, but I have to admit that wearing some of the accessible ones bring me a lot of joy.  Take for example, Burberry Body. If you judge it as a perfume per se, it really is on the common side: a fruity floral, with rose and peach notes in the heart, with a hint of a liquor note on the side.  There is nothing ground-breaking about it, and that detergent/shampoo accord can be infuriating for a perfumista. But I put it on today, knowing it will be a hot day, and it just brought a prettiness to my day.  I have always loved the Burbrerry house and their scents, and I think because they make their scents so well. They aren't a niche line, and they don't pretend to be one.  But the materials they use are good, and you get that feeling when you wear their scents that you are wearing perfume. It complements my outfit of the day, it completes my internal and external look. So yes, call me a plebeian, but I adore wearing Burberry Body.

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