Sunday, July 6, 2014

Orange You Smelling Orange? (Perfume Review: Tory Burch)

I remember a couple of years ago, everyone and their sisters were wearing those ubiquitous Tory Burch flats.  There they were - in the office, in the subway, in the streets. I couldn't figure out what was so special about them: they were just flats with her round gold logo on top. God, I hated them. It represented to me what fashion hype was all about: no substance, no inventive design, just a big logo that was embraced. Burch worked for Ralph Lauren, so her fashion aesthetic is preppy chic, though I really don't know where those flats fit in with her fashion sense. My point is, though, I am and always have been very cynical of Burch, and of course, when she came out with her own perfume last year, I was apathetic towards it. But today, as I was rifling through my samples, her scent popped up by accident, and I said, sure why not, I am in the mood to be bitchy. I looked at the picture and said, well, this is really a nice bottle, and that stupid round logo is not as obtrusive as I would have thought. So I sprayed. Hmmm. As much as I was ready to trash it, I didn;t really dislike it. Did I like it though? Not really. it's pleasant, a citrus/floral combo we have all smelled before. 

Top Notes: grapefruit, pink pepper, cassis, mandarin orange, neroli
Heart Notes: peony, mimose, jasmine, tuberose, sweet alyssum, carrot seed
Base Notes: vetiver, cedar, sandalwood, white musk

Maybe because it's another scorcher of a summer day, but the citrus blast on top was kind of welcome. The orange-y theme of the bottle extends: there's fresh neroil there, and orange, but not too strong of each to make a real presence. The floral heart is weak, I keep trying to discern the tuberose and jasmine but they just faintly make an appearance. The base is uneventful - the noted vetiver base strains to be smelled. Mostly it smells generic, smelling only slightly more expensive than, say, Bath & Body Works. To its credit, its not screechy, and not too plastic smelling. I would never go out and reach for it, but if a very cheap bottle comes up, I may succumb. but it has to be very cheap, though.

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