Friday, July 11, 2014

Sometimes There's Snow (Book Review: The Snow Queen, Michael Cunningham)

Michael Cunningham is one of my favorite writers of all time, and he is certainly up there among the contemporary ones. So I always rejoice whenever he is out with a new novel. I enjoy reading his words as much as I cherish the stories he writes. That is most evident in his new novel, "The Snow Queen." I know his style can be overbearing for some, but I just love it, what can I say. The stream of consciousness, wordy, flowery style - I admire it, I emulate it, I copy it. In this novel, he explores slices of life between his characters - young-ish people who live in hip Williamsburg. Barrett sees a light one evening in Central Park and this sparks a series of events. But really, the book explores more human emotion, and how we interact with family, friends, strangers. You don't really care as much about what happens to these character as how they will react to what happens. This is a very internal book, and I loved getting into the minds and hearts of these people.

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