Sunday, May 3, 2015

Broken And Babysitting (Television Thoughts Younger S01 E07 Broke And Pantyless, S1 E8 Sk8)

I haven't had a chance to write about the past two episodes of Younger (Episode 7: Broke And Pantyless, Episode 8: Sk8) so I am consolidating them on one post. On "Broke And Pantyless," Liza finds herself with a financial dilemma: her ex-husband is not fulfilling his share for their daughter's college tuition so Liza has to find cash, and quick. The first solution? To sell her soiled panties to fetishists. Ew. I think I remember reading a review of the show where the writer was saying how the show was obsessed with vaginas, and now I cannot get that out of my head. I honestly am not too fond of this part of the storyline either. And poor Sutton Foster - I kind of feel bad for her filming scene where she takes off her panies, wads them in a ball and hands them to a pervy man. Thank God the episode doesn't  linger there and she finds other ways to make money. And it even has a soft epilogue, when her boss Diana gives her a check for the money. 

I prefer Episode 8, where there are no stories about soiled panties. Instead, we get to see Anton win the PEN Award, and her wife surprising him. This is too close for comfort for Kelsey, and the situation is exacerbated by the fact that Anton has been writing about hsi affair with Kelsey and have been sending the manuscripts to his wife. So when Liza picks up the wife at the airport, the wife assumes it's Liza who is having an affair with her husband. At the dinner later that evening, Kelsey confesses to the  wife. I thought this part of teh story was a little unbelievable, and Duff's acting is a bit too wooden to make it work. Meanwhile, we see Liza babysitting Charles' kids, and obviously she connects with children, and we start to see romantic tension between Liza and Charles. Hmmm.. I kind of see the end game for this story.

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