Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Joan's Daughter (Book Thoughts: The Book Of Joan, Melissa Rivers)

Who is Melissa Rivers? Is she just Joan's daughter? I thought by reading her memoir "The Book Of Joan: Tales Of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation" we would get a glimpse. Except for two short pages that bookend the book, Rivers never really gets "personal," and what we get is nothing different from past press releases or interview points as she promotes this book. What we do get are essays that evoke Joan's humor. It feels like Melissa went to rummage through Joan's filing cabinet of jokes and collated them. What more, the tone is confusing - we go from an essay of Joan's stand-up routine to Melissa talking about Joan resentign Jay Leno upholding Carson's ban to not have Joan guest on "The Tonight Show," and I frankly can't tell if the latter is a joke or true. Maybe I was looking for something more thoughtful from Melissa, and in that manner this (very thin) book just did not deliver.

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