Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pitch, Please (Movie Thoughts: Pitch Perfect 2)

I wasn't in love with the first "Pitch Perfect," but I know a lot of people were. Hence, a sequel. And i know it has been raking in money, so for better ot worse, I thought to myself I might as well see it. (There are also not that many choices out there, right now) I think it is interesting that this movie was directed by actress Elizabeth Banks, and I think giving the film a nice feminine touch would serve it well. (She does double duty as one of the commentators in the film) So the verdict? I don't think it succeeds fully, but at the same time it;s pleasant, it's entertaining enough, it didn't annoy me so all in all not a total waste. So - meh. Let's start with the good: Anna Kendrick can do no wrong, Brittany Snow is solid, and Rebel Wilson made me laugh a lot more times than I care to admit. I have seen that opening scene (where her character Fat Amy accidentally flashes the President) numerous times in the preview yet it still made me laugh. And her scene where she professes her love to Adam DaVine was genius, and has markings of musical comedy. (Can someone please give the two of them their own movie?) Still, the pacing is glacial, and more jokes fall flat than land.The addition of Hailee Steinfeld didn't serve a purpose, and the film was overly long. I guess kids will have a lot of extra time this summer and they can do worse. So can you.

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