Monday, May 18, 2015

All We Need Is The Girl (Television Thoughts: Pilot, Supergirl, CBS)

The first sign that I knew the Supergirl pilot was going to be good? Laura Benanti! I mean, Laura Benanti of Broadway! She was Maria, she was Louise! And here she plays not only Supergirl's mother, but also evil sister of Supergirl's mother! I just had a feeling this is going to be a good show. And based on the pilot, all points towards it being spectacular. Melissa Benoist! I didn't much like her anorexic character on "Glee" but here she finds her groove: cute, vulnerable, and when she dons her superhero outfit, kind of bad ass! She carries the episode like the supernaturak human being she plays. And I know Calista Flockhart has been getting flack for her role as Cara's boss, but I thought she was fine: equal parts loathsome and camp. That twinkle in her eye shows that she knows how to not play her role too seriously. And Cara has sizzling chemistry with James Olson. Even though it may not be the case, they would make a combustible couple. And well, let's go back to Broadway and we have Jeremy Jordan, who plays Wynn, Cara's friend/confidante. The best line of the show was when he asked, "Are we superfriends?" and she quipped, "We don't use that term here."  Okay, so maybe the action parts were not my favorite, but that is just me anyway: what will have me coming back for more here are the human storylines: how will she conceal her identity? can she survive her Miranda Priestly-ish boss? how will her friendship with Wynn evolve? will she fucking fall in love? Come Fall, I will be there with popcorns on.

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  1. I saw a trailer for this show and it looks good. Jeremy Jordan was definitely the selling point for me!