Sunday, August 21, 2011

Four Hearts That Beat As One

I can't remember the last Jennifer Weiner novel I read, but I remember liking the ones from when she first became famous. So I was looking forward to reading her latest novel, "Then Came You." I wasn't disappointed.  This book is a story told from points of views from four different characters, and these characters are well-fleshed out that one sentence from each of the chapters and you can immediately tell what character is "speaking."  Weiner has made their writing so nuanced that you feel like you *really* know them - like a close friend or confidante.  As theirs characters interweave, and eventually find each either, I found myself riveted at every plot turn, and it was written cleverly enough that it kept me guessing. The payoff at the end didn't disappoint me, though I thought the last couple of chapters may have been too "edited," and felt the whole thing a tad too rushed. Perhaps the editor thought the book was getting too long? Someone described this novel to me as something Jodi Picoult would have written,  probably because it deals with hot button issues like surrogacy and egg donations, but I think Picoult would have taken a more issue-oriented path, while Wiener's focus is more heart. And Heart is where the heart is. 


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  1. glad you liked it. i agreed that it was rushed at the end. i still think about it though. annie was my favorite of the four women.