Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let 'Em Smell Good!

Lubin's Black Jade debuted on Bastille Day this year.  Reportedly, this perfume was inspired and created for Marie Antoinette baed on her Trianon gardens in Versailles. It's called Black Jade because she used to carry this perfume on a black jade container. Reportedly, she even brought this with her while she was imprisoned. Created by my favorite nose Olivia Gicobetti, it's very typical Giacobetti. It's light and ethereal, even though the opening notes are quite spicy: cinnamon and incense were the first things I smelled. Yet it never felt overwhelmingly spicy. The jasmine gave it a little floral twist, but again it's so well-behaved that it blended quite well to the spice bouquet. The spice turns floral, with the rose making a grand entrance. Again, the rose is well behaved, and quite subtle and never really takes over the proceedings. I guess there's tonka bean, and sandalwood and amber somewhere there, but they all get along. The result: a floral that's more spicy than flowery. I like it, though honestly it's not making such a strong impact with me that I am craving it. And just like a lot of Giacobetti's scents, it disappears much too quickly on my skin. I tested this recently on one of the hottest and most humid days of the year, and I felt it was gone so quickly. I have to try it again, maybe it will more than like on second smell.

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