Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jeweled Children's Stories

It seems like a natural transition for female singers - the time when they have children and they get "inspired" after having a baby that they release children music albums, and now it's Jewel's turn. But then again, Jewel's music has crossed several genres - pop, country, white soul. I kind of rolled my eyes when I first started listening to this album, to be honest. But then as I listened more, I realized the great thing about it: her album doesn't get dumbed down just because this was a children's album. Jewel's music has always been most effective because her songs (especially the countrified ones) tell a story. In these cases, they just happen to tell children's stories. There's a fine of mix of self-penned tunes here with "traditional" children's songs, and they all sound like any song you would hear from any past Jewel albums.  Fans of her music will find plenty to love her, and even I, a casual admirer, appreciate the effort. I probably will not play this music constantly, but if any of these songs get picked randomly to play on my iPod, I doubt I'll skip.  

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  1. i want to get this for my daughter when she's able to hear more. jewel also has a lullaby cd at target. :) i love the cds that they might be giants did for kids. my kids love them too. we sing the songs together. i also teach my kids rock songs. they sing "don't stop" by fleetwood mac now. :) then today, my older son put on sunglasses and said "i'm billy joel." don't ask. lol!