Friday, August 5, 2011

Not Enough Love

I should, in theory, have enjoyed "Crazy Stupid Love more.  it's your modern rom-com: a little raunchy, a lot of comedy, heart. And I tried, I really did. But sometimes you just don't connect with something, and I just, well to coin a cliche, wasn't into this movie. I loved the performances, mind you. Steve Carrell has perfected this part, but it seems like I have seen it do it before. Julianne Moore is Juliane Moore, and she has a huge investment here that pays off, but still I felt she was underserved by the movie. And who knew that Ryan Gosling had such comedic flair (I guess all that training in 'The Mickey Mouse Club' paid off) because his modern-day Henry Higgins turn here was pretty awesome. And Emma Stone can add another step into her climb to be the next best thing.  Marisa Tomei, always dependable, is fantastic here, and I really do think she has never been better artistically. I just wonder why all in all, these pieces didn't quite fit as well as they should have. Perhaps a little more focus would have been better? There was a lot going on, with  story lines that dragged the whole movie downwards. Maybe I am just an old romantic - when I see the word "love" on a title, I expect to be emotionally swept off my feet.  Maybe there were just too much crazy and stupid, and not enough love.

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