Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lessons Of Love

There are songs you can listen to at 2 in the morning, and can make you think. It can make you embrace life, can make you wonder about its miracles. "I Was Here," from Kristen Chenoweth's new album "Some Lessons Learned" is such a song. It talks about being alive in this world and making a difference, of making sense of our "being here," and trying to do some good in the world. It is a song that makes you want to do something - anything - so your presence in the universe isn't wasted.  wept when I first heard the song. I can't say I am the biggest fan of country music, but I totally adored this album. You really don't have to be a fan of country music nor Ms. Chenoweth to love this album, because it is a fully-realized piece of work that speaks. One of my favorite songs in the album is "God And Me," which is about a woman asking God why he makes a heart that gets broken. Actually, there's a underlying thread of spirituality in the whole thing which I thought would turn me off at first, but I found myself acquiescing to the idea. I am more spiritual than religious, but I felt that connection that one has with a Higher Power, and one's sometimes frustrations with it all. there's a bit of camp, too, with songs such as "What Would Dolly Do," which deals about that other higher power, Dolly Parton. I love the playful chorus (W, W, Double D!) All in all, this is an album about love - the search of (I Want Somebody) unconditional (Fathers And Daughters) even metaphorically messed up (Wreck You) I have been listening to it non stop for the past two days or so, and it's so richly layered that I always find something new in any or each of the songs as I play them over. And yes, I have even realized some lessons learned somewhere along the way.

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