Monday, August 22, 2011

Red Queen

I always wear something red on Mondays, for good luck according to feng shui, and that includes my scents. One of my Monday "staples" is Queen by Queen Latifah, and I almost always get compliments on it. I remember first getting it so cheap at the Fragrance District, because, well, I liked the bottle, and thought to myself that I could always use a red bottle fragrance. Since it was a celebrity fragrance, I was wary. A whole lot of them smell cheap and common. But, I do think Queen is pretty well done. It's not the most original thing in the world, but it is pretty mature - no pink pepper overdose. It smells a lot like sweet liquor on my skin - like a burnt tequila with cinnamon and a boozy cognac. The drydown is kind of nice - an ambery vanilla with just a wee bit more cognac. It smells more "evening" than daytime, although I think it is as much an "office" scent. The longevity is pretty good, too. Sometimes at night, I can still smell it after wearing it for a whole day.  I bet you if this juice was in a niche bottle, a lot of perfumistas would go ga ga for it. It's a sweet boozy and reasonably-priced concoction, easy to handle and easy to wear. I plan on always having it for my red bottle days, so all Hail Queen!

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