Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As I get ready to travel, I am always at a loss as to what scent to bring. In recent years, I have always made it a point to being just one, at most two scents when I travel, so I would wear it a lot, and then I would always be reminded of the places I would visit whenever I would smell that perfume. For example, Diptyque L'Ombre dans Leau will always remind me of Northern Italy from two years ago. This year I wanted a scent that would be versatile. I am going to the Baltics, and even though it is still summer over there, I read temperature only hovers around 65-70. My choice? Fresh Cannabis Rose. I have always loved this scent, I remember falling in love with it at first sniff. Ot's a rose, but it's a dirty rose. Patchouli gives it a sharp edge, making it smell earthy, like fresh soil. But, what makes it even more interesting for me is that to my nose, some citrus gets kicked in right after, making it smell clean, but not sweet clean (a la pink pepper) The tea and white musk notes kick in after, and it makes the drydown so much more interesting as it keeps the rose from being too jammy.  I have never really gotten into Fresh before - I had this idea that they are just too American, too Jo Malone, too Sex-And-The-City for me.  I don't know if they were trying to be controversial by inserting "cannabis" as the name of the scent, but it really doesn't smell like weed.  Or so I am told. 

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