Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The One That Got Away

"Love The One You're With" starts with a question: What do you do if you suddenly bumped into the one that got away? Of course, there is never really a simple answer, and Emily Giffin's book mines that situation. Ellen has a chance encounter with her ex, and she wonders what would have happened if....never mind the fact that she has a perfect husband, a perfect job, a perfect life. Then she realizes she never really understood her definition of perfect. I love the way Giffin's character was so introspective it verged on obsessive-compulsive - in the best way possible. The character should really you, you feel like you want to hit her head and say, "The answer is right in front of you!" But at the same time, I understand what she is going through, I understand what she is feeling, and I cannot blame her. I love that her character is flawed, it made her seem more real to me. I had to stop myself from reading this book sometimes, it was cutting on my sleep time. When I finally finished reading, I felt like I was losing touch with a friend.


  1. i love the new cover art. where did you find that pic? i thought it was well written, but not my favorite of all her books. it seems a lot of books explore this same topic.

  2. I think that's the cover for the UK pressing, Melissa.