Thursday, August 11, 2011


"Take The Lead" is the second book I read by Johnny Diaz, after distinctly remembering how I was underwhelmed by the first one. I got this as a free download from Amazon, so I said why not. I should really learn my lesson - there are just so many hours in one's lifetime, and there are much too man books in my TBR pile. But anyway, maybe his writing his style is just not too my liking. He is a newspaper journalist, so maybe that's why I think the book is more "descriptions" than "feelings." The main character/narrator is likeable enough but I just couldn't help but roll my eyes whenever he describes himself as "most handsome teacher in the college," which he repeats several times. And, on the first few pages of the book he describes himself as "over the bar and club scene" but what does he do for the rest of the book? Go to bars and clubs. When he finally meets Adam, we are supposed to empathize with their love story, but at that point, I ended up no longer caring. 'Tis a pity because there were real touches in the story that were unique and interesting, like him dealing with a sick father who is far away. The exploration of how Cuban Americans live was unique, and that would have been far more indulging, for it would have given me a glimpse of something I would normally not have known. Perhaps, in the end, Mr. Diaz needs a little more maturity for me to truly appreciate his novels. I just don't know if I have the desire and inclination to even wait for that time. (BC23)


  1. i don't know if i've ever read any gay male romantic fiction. i've seen some movies, like "trick."

  2. Definitely don't start with this one! Did you like "trick"?