Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Empty Calories

Since it's Valentine's Day, I guess I should write about two love stories.  First up we have Lindsay Kelk's "Jenny Lopez Has A Bad Week,' which was a slim book, and to be honest, it was also slim on plot. Jenny Lopez was a character from the book I earlier read, "I Heart new York" and it was nice to revisit her character (and other characters) from that book, but there isn't much here. She comes back from California, and starts working for a public relations firm taking care of a bratty movie star. She ends up being that star's best friend, and then she meets a Swedish model who she thought was gay, and...well, that's about it. It was a very quick read, and was painless. But it was also empty calories. 

But nothing was emptier than Ally Blue's "Life Love and Lemon Cookies, which is also a slim book about Chris Tucker, a chef whose restaurant caught fire. He becomes unemployed, and starts losing his self esteem, driving his partner, Matt Gallagher crazy. Will this break up their great relationship? They go through a couple of fights, and some steamy sex scenes, and then Chris gets a bright idea from one of Matt's co-workers of a catering company. That's it, too, and this plot is even flimsier. Again, this was a painless read, and is as much empty calories as the cookies  that Chris bakes in the story. 

BC - 14/15

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