Monday, February 13, 2012

Smash Episode 2: Will She Be Your Star

Ep 02: Loving the show, and for the most part, I also love how we are seeing its structure. It is well-paced since I don't feel like it is testing my patience. I chose this picture above because even though they have built up this "rivalry" between Ivy (Megan Hilty) and Karen (Katherine McPhee) I have never seen Kat as a blonde Marilyn until this episode, and I was kind of rooting for Ivy all this time because I thought she physically resembled Marilyn more, but after seeing Karen in action as Marilyn, I thought to myself, well she would be just as good. Even though I wished I liked the "20th Century Fox Mambo" number more (I feel like I have seen it all before) I think it was a well-done musical number, and I liked how they staged "Let Me Be Your Star" for the actual show. Debra Messing was good tonight, and even though I dislike the adoption storyline, I got misty when she read her letter. And Anjelica Houston - wow she is over the top here, and I fault the director. Must she act like she is in a soap, even though yeah, this is kind of a soap. All in all, though, I am beyond hooked and cannot wait until next week's episode.  

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